is a concept derived from Classical elements in Chinese herbal medicine五行, Yin and yang陰陽學說‎, Six Excesses六淫‎, and Chi氣qi

wikipedia: The Four Natures are: hot熱, warm温, cool凉, cold寒 or neutral平, in terms of temperature.[1] Hot and warm herbs are used to treat cold diseases, while cool and cold herbs are used to treat heat diseases.[1]

Five Element五行 Wood木 Fire火 Earth土 Metal金 Water水
五季 Spring春 Summer夏 Late Summer長夏 Autumn秋 Winter冬
Climate氣候 Windy Hot Damp Dry Cold
五惡/五氣 wind風 heat热 dampness濕
Development Sprouting Blooming[citation needed] Ripening[citation needed] Withering Dormant[citation needed]
五節 新年 上巳 端午 七夕 重陽
Life birth youth adulthood old age death
Mental Quality Idealism理想主義, Spontaneity自動自發, Curiosity好奇 Passion熱情, Intensity激烈 Agreeableness親和性好的, Honesty誠實 Intuition直覺, Rationality邏輯的(科學證實Intuition直覺和Rationality邏輯的不相同), Mind留心 Erudition博學, Resourcefulness主意多, Wit聰明
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