is a concept derived from Classical elements in Chinese herbal medicine五行, Yin and yang陰陽學說‎, Six Excesses六淫‎, and Chi氣qi

means the drug distributes to and acts on what positions or organs in the body. Similar to PK in western medicine, the difference is in that meridians in Chinese medicine also affect PD.

english wikipedia the meridans

Five Element五行 Wood木 Fire火 Earth土 Metal金 Water水
五臟(Zang) (yin organs) liver肝 heart心 spleen脾 lung肺 kidney腎
五腑(Fu) (yang organs) gall bladder膽 small intestine小腸 stomach胃 large intestine大腸 urinary bladder膀胱
Body Part五體 Tendons筋 Pulse脈 Muscle肉 Skin皮 Bones骨
Sensory organ


Tongue舌 mouth口 Nose鼻 Ears耳
五覺Sense wikipedia:speech/維基百科:
五味Taste sour酸 bitter苦 =spiciness=hotness=heat salt鹹
五惡/五氣 湿
五色Five Color :Green, brown :Red, purple :Yellow, orange :White, silver :Black, grey
五志 grief, sadness悲 fear, scare恐